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"She Has Sunshine In Her Heart" - Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Valentina Mathias

The word ‘CHAKRA’ is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘WHEEL OF LIGHT’

Chakras are energy centres in the body much like stars are energy centres in the Universe.   Most people focus on 7 main ones which run from the bottom of your spine (base chakra) up to just above the top of your head (crown chakra).

Each chakra has a musical note or tone that it responds to and also a colour.  Healers like me see the colours and can easily tell which chakras or energy centres are blocked because they have areas of brown or black agitated energy.  When they are healthy they expand and glow brightly with coloured light.  They also spin.


Why are we activating and energising the Chakras at Sunrise?

Each chakra represents a different area of our lives so when they are cleaned and the flow increases, the chakras are opened and, over the 14 day Sunrise Experience become optimally balanced. This leads to positive results in the corresponding areas of life.  They are as follows:

CROWN CHAKRA –Connection to Divinity (white or violet)


THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Intuition (purple)


THROAT CHAKRA – Communication (blue)


HEART CHAKRA – Unconditional love for yourself and others (green)


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Personal Power (yellow)


SACRAL CHAKRA – Creativity (orange)


BASE CHAKRA – Life Force (red)