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"She Has Sunshine In Her Heart" - Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Valentina Mathias

Sunrise + Chakra Activation live-streamed for you ...

Your Heart is bursting with Sunshine

You are generating income and making a difference in many lives

You are doing your part to make the world a better place

To un-break the broken and re-invigorate the passion in your clients, family and friends

You care about who we are and where we are going

And now, what a relief, you get to feel amazing while you do your mission in life!

 More than enough energy for the day – not getting drained by people, biz, life events.
Heightened inspired intuition so that you are ‘on-point’ with your people, your tasks, your interactions.
Before your feet even hit the floor you are feeling topped up, balanced and grounded.
The knowledge that daily clearing of energy stops the build-up (and explosion) of negative patterns.
Control of your day by setting the energy properly first up – no more 'winging it',
People around you feel better for having spent time with you - but you don’t feel drained,
A feeling like all is right with the world – all is do-able because you have connected to Gaia and the Sun

and the Ocean first up - you belong and you are in the right place at the right time.
Daily awareness of your energy centres – your Chakras – your secret source of personal energy.
Starting your day relaxed and centered allows your brain to communicate to you  what is important to notice and do.
You have a feeling of connectedness to others who value energy work in their life, and it is lovely.